It is not always about the fishing…

Sometimes getting out to the river is not about the fishing. Yesterday, Sean “Fish Pimp of the Year” McKay and I had a couple of errands to run down towards Seveirville and Gatlinburg.

I am not sure about Sean, but I know that I haven’t been on the water since before I left town at the holidays. After we finished our errands, we grabbed a couple of beers and went off in search of some “River Chicken”, stocked fish on the Gatlinburg Public water.

The scenery isn’t great, when compared to fishing in the National Park, but the doughbellies are more prone to eating when the water is 38 degrees. We tried a couple of spots where we had seen fish in years past. We spooked 2 or 3 fish in the time we were out, looked at the fish in the children’s section of the stream as we walked back to the car, and rolled on home. Who knows if Gatlinburg stocked as many fish this year for the catch-and-release period, or if locals are keeping them anyway, or we were not looking in the right places.

The bottome line is that a day on the river with a buddy is always a good thing, regardless of what the fish are doing.


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