Holston River

Sunday brought a nice south breeze and correspondingly warm weather. It was sunny and temps reached the upper 60’s.

Sean and I headed to the Holston River to “research” water for his new position with River Ridge Lodge.

We hit a riffle near Tampico that is among the most scenic I have ever seen on Holston. We tried our hand at nymphing. Sean caught one or two, but I couldn’t ignore the plethora of midges flying about, laying on the water, and enticing trout to the surface.

I tied on a Griffiths Gnat with a thread/cdc midge dropper and began to work the fish. I farmed a couple before hooking and landing my first rainbow of the day.

Sean took over for me while I tried to shoot some video. I got some great footage of Sean missing a great brown trout for posterity.

After a while Sean went back to nymphing his previous hole. I returned to my rising fish. I saw a rise and set the hook. I had a fish on and immediately heard Sean shout “Double”.

I quickly netted my fish (which was side-hooked – hey it was on a size 20, I was slow alright!)
and ran over to help Sean. His was bigger, in the mouth, and a nice holdover Brownie to boot.

I know mine was dry-fly gaffed, but it was nice to spend a Sunday afternoon in the sun, with tight lines and a good friend.


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