One More Day to Go!

I am sitting in bed, I can’t sleep because I’m anticipating fishing with Steve Sylvis from Game Fair Ltd. Doug Moore, myself, Steve and one of his friends have been planning to get together for sometime now. We’re scheduled to float the Clinch Wednesday and Thursday(Generation permitting). He’s got a presentation with the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Thursday night.

Steve is about as true a Troutbum as I can think of. The first time I met him he had a beard that hung half way down to his belt and you’d swear he’d just crawled out of the mountains. I thought man he is the real deal. He dosen’t have the “long” beard any longer, but still smells fishy. Last year he spent the summer guiding in Alaska and has some absolute killer stories from being out there. Besides trout he also chases Redfish, Stripers and who knows what else.

Steve manages Game Fair Ltd’s Hunting and Fishing Department. I know most of the folks over there by name now and they are all great people. Seeing as how we’re all in the same business it’s good that we can get along. I think it is better for us all that way. Steve also runs and as recently published a killer map of the Caney Fork.

The Caney fished off the Chain last year. I made about nine trips over there throughout the fall. It gets a bad rap for weekend fishing, but if you can hit it during the week, it can be awesome.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the generation.


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