For Sale…. The Infamous Yellow Hyde

The Infamous Yellow Hyde Low-Pro

Do you hear that men?  That’s opportunity knocking!

Most of you will think this is too good to be true (and maybe it is) but for some lucky dude this East Tennessee Legend will become theirs. Sure, you’ve all seen her before maybe down river, barely visible in the mist, or anchored up on a shoal always hooked up on a fish, but imagine this demigod boat in your garage?! I get it, it’s too much to take in. Yet, here it is, my hyde for sale and I’m practically giving it away. This 2007 14’6″ Low side Pro Series w/ G4 bottom knows every hole, riffle, and back eddy of every river of East Tennessee and beyond, it’s guaranteed to slide effortlessly across, over and through anything a river throws at her. With her trailer and 9.5′ counter balanced oars ANYTHING is possible.

Can’t row?  You don’t need to.

Don’t believe me? Well then go ahead and do us all a favor and stop reading now and put back on your waders ’cause this dory is for believers only! Just know that I won’t be held responsible if your significant other leaves your for the one that does pull the trigger.
Most trout of Eastern and Middle Tennessee know her well and gladly submit when they see her float by. Don’t own a flyrod? No worries, some have even gone as far as jumping in the boat! The ladies have known to do the same. As a side note, I can’t be held responsible for any instant fornication and or procreation that will definitely take place after you take possession. While your wife, or significate other, might get pissed-off at your new-found sex appeal, she will undoubtedly understand and try to earn you back! Its natural…what can you do?

Original owner.
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