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Sage On The Water Tour 2017

Sage will be visiting Fly South on April 13th for their On the Water Tour. 2017  Check it out!

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Wash. (March 29, 2017) –Sage hits the road once again to bring it’s On The Water Tour to a new part of the U.S. After a successful tour out West in 2016, famed fly rod and reel manufacturer, brings this fun and informative format to the Southeast.

“We had so many popular stops on our 2016 tour that we decided to replicate that in a new area of the country,” said David Lantz, Sage brand manager. “The Southeast has spectacular rivers and beaches with very passionate fly fishermen, so we couldn’t be more excited to visit them on this year’s tour.”

Starting on beautiful rivers around the Appalachia area and finishing on the flats in Florida, this tour offers anglers an opportunity to bring fellow anglers together to share knowledge and good times. The van is loaded with mountains of rods and reels to try out, and attendees can learn from casting lessons and presentations all while enjoying good food and drink. Anglers can try out new gear, pick up a tip or two or simply share good stories. All are welcome.

In addition, Sage will be stopping at Fly South (115 19th Avenue South, Nashville) on April 13th for Happy Hour.


PostFly Box Subscription Service

I was playing on Facebook the other day and came across PostFly Box ( As a subscriber to a similar service for spin fishing (I could almost hear the gasp with the mention of spin fishing), I thought I would give it a try. The first month is only $5 per “box” with varying prices depending on subscription length.

PostFly box offers three different kinds of fly boxes:

Trout with 12-18 different flies per box

Bass with 5-8 different flies per box

Saltwater with 5-8 different flies per box

I subscribed for both trout and bass. I thought for $10 ($5 each type of box) I could at least give it a try. When my first package arrived, I opened it up with excitement and starting tearing into each one since I had no idea what flies came with it. It was fun having no clue what to expect and having the opportunity to learn new flies.

My impressions:

I loved the bass box. It was full of practical flies that should put those smallies in the boat. The first package contained 7 flies while the second one had 6. They were well made and I feel confident that these flies will hold up against the many aggressive strikes and fights that we have come to love from the smallmouths (I don’t do a ton of largemouth fly fishing).

The trout box I’m undecided on. The flies were plentiful and well made. My only problem with the box is that the river I mainly trout fish in, the trout seem to like the smaller stuff. There were a good assortment of sizes in the box but I felt roughly 50% of the box would be used very little FOR ME. If the river(s) you frequent likes bigger flies than the Clinch, then I would have zero hesitation with this box.

If you are looking to stock up on your flies very easily and affordably, then I HIGHLY recommend this service. Try it for yourself at $5 and if you don’t like it, you can cancel easily on their website ( No pressure at all.




Korkers Customer Service

About a year ago, I decided to fork over a chunk of change and purchase the Korkers KGB (Korkers Guide Boot). After the first use, I quickly realized that I was in love. I purchased an additional set of soles and would use the studded rubber for tailwaters, the vibram rubber for when I was on my Towee, and finally the felt when fishing the Smokies. After some use, I cracked one of the soles. I called up customer service, who in turn called a local fly shop and when I arrived there they just handed me the new soles. I thought that was pretty cool that I had new soles the day I broke them.

A month later, I realized the knob that holds the soles on the back of the boot was breaking! I quickly called up customer service and they shared my concern that the boots were already breaking. I was told that they had limited sizes left of the KGB, but they thought they could dig up a size 12 for me to replace my current size 12. I was also instructed that if I was interested in a different model altogether, I could exchange the KGBs for whatever model I wanted. I once again headed to a local fly shop and tried on the Korkers Whitehorse. I liked the way they felt, but there was one problem…I needed a size 13.

I called customer service again and told them that while I liked the Whitehorse, I would need a size 13 so it would make more sense to just send me the size 12 KGBs since I had already purchased different size 12 soles. This is where the service starts shining.

My box arrived from Korkers with not only size 13 Whitehorse boots, but all new soles in size 13. That was something that did not have to be done. I would recommend Korkers boots to anyone that wants versatility in a wading boot without actually owing multiple pairs.




Orvis Fly Fishing Apps for iPad and Android

The Orvis Fly Fishing app is now available for Android and iPad. I’ve been using the Orvis fly fishing app on my iphone for about six months. It has really impressed me at how useful it has been. I also have a few other fly fishing apps and I can’t tell you the last time I opened one of them. The fishing report is one of my favorite features, which has weekly updated reports from guides and outfitters across the country. It is fun to check out the conditions in other states as well as our own.

The other feature that I personally really enjoy are the podcasts. I’ll listen to them when driving to work or to my favorite fishing spot. It really helps pass the time when you’re stuck in traffic.

Some other features that the app offers are animated knots, casting tips, casting videos, a feild guide to the top 100 flies and a glossary of popular fishing terms. If you are a beginner to fly fishing these features would be extremely beneficial and help to shorten the learning curve.


Eye candy for the soul!

Since the southeast is being bombarded by the cold weather and too much rain, I figured there may be others like me that are sitting at home with nothing to do. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy.

The 2011 International Fly Fishing Film Festival ( IF4 ) Commercial from Nick Pujic on Vimeo.

An Epic Tail (Walk) from firebird media on Vimeo.

468 x 60 Fly Fishing

Stalking Reds from firebird media on Vimeo.

Fly Fishing short from John Griber on Vimeo.

Giant Tackle Clearance Sale 468x60

To fortapte menn -Fri flyt from salmo trutta production on Vimeo.

EASTERN RISES | TRAILER from felt soul media on Vimeo.


Otter Box Rocks!

What is an Otter Box, you ask?

Really, I’ve got to give a shout out to one kick butt company.  In this day and age we all carry our cell phones every where we go.  If you’re like me you have to have the newest, fastest, sleekest mojo phone possible.  You know the one, that is the equivalent of a Nissan Versa car payment!

Did I mention that I also fish, ………. a lot……. Yeah, so I need a case that is going to actually protect my phone.  Whether I am bush whacking in Great Smoky Mountain National Park or floating the drift boat down the Clinch River.  I need to be sure that my phone is going to be protected.

So, for the last year I have been using the Otter Box with my iPhone.  The case has outperformed all of my expectations for a cell phone cover.  I’ve gotten it wet, dropped it more time than I can think and it has held up great.  I also always keep my phone in my pocket, as I hate those belt attached phone holders (Otter Box also has that option if you want).  The result is my phone picks up a lot of lint, but because the Otter Box covers all of the plug in points, I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.  Now by no means is it a waterproof or drop proof case.  Nothing is, but if I wouldn’t of  had this case I would surely have had to replace my phone multiple times by now.

Let me also mention the great customer service.  The Otter Box is a hard plastic case with a removable silicone skin for added shock resistance.  So recently when my skin became a little stretched out and loose, I called customer service and told them about the problem.  Without even asking they sent me a new replacement skin for my case.  Wow!  Oh it gets even better, because they were in the process of updating some computer systems so my “free” case did not ship out promptly.  Guess what they did?  Yeah, they sent me a $10 e-gift card to use on my next purchase!  So, not only did I get a new skin for free, but I got 10 bucks.  That my friends is great customer service.  I almost feel bad for spending the 10 bucks.

So thank you Otter Box for making a great product and giving me first rate customer service!

Check them out for yourself and I also found a 10% off code: users get 10% off at! Simply use code AMCW059 to redeem your exclusive discount. Visit today.