Musky Talk

There seems to be a growing buzz thoughout the fly angling community about musky fishing with the fly since Brad Bohen’s new video Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero.  These guys seem to have really started to share what they’ve been doing and the word is spreading.  I’m sure there are even more guys out there and maybe even some local TN and NC boys that have it dialed in as well.  However, even more so than Striper fisherman, the Musky guys are very tight lipped about their passion.  As it should be when your talking about something like a Musky.  It wouldn’t be as cool if it were as easy as throw here with this and you’ll catch a 30 to 40 inch Musky, the biggest most aggressive and coolest fish you can catch in freshwater, would it?

I have been discovering that we have some great Musky fly water in East Tennessee. I even know a couple of guys who just a week ago had five follows to the drift boat by some big guys on the fly. No, I’m not gonna say where or who. There is also starting to be a little talk on the forums about catching Musky on the fly in the last couple of years. Where ever you get your information, it is still a little vague and will probably require a bit of homework. All I have to say is good hunting and have fun!
This next video is from a buddy Brian Wise who runs, it is one of the coolest tying videos I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure some hair dresser would pay a couple of hunderd dollars for the fly too! Brian, also recently took a trip up to Hayward Co and although they came back fishless, said he really learned what throwing streamers was all about. Another note was that on the Hang Time the big eyes that he used didn’t really work that great and may need to be changed up. Check out his site for some more information and tips.

I think there may have to be some Musky fishing in my future this fall!


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