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Caney Fork

  • Species: Brook, Brown and Rainbow Trout
  • Angler Type: Wade or Boat
  • Access Type: Public or Private


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The Caney Fork is a tailwater fishery located about an hours drive east of Nashville.  It’s waters are stocked with Rainbow, Brown and most recently Brook Trout.  The Brown and Rainbow Trout can reach very good sizes, due to the abundance of scuds, sowbugs and midges.  The Brook Trout size is still yet to be seen as they have only been stocked for a few years now.

The Caney consists of a mostly gravel bottom with a few rock shelves.  This make for easier nymph fishing which is the predominate type of fishing on the Caney.  The Caney does not get many hatches to speak of, besides midges and some caddis, but swinging soft hackles or throwing big streamers can be productive at certain times of the year.

Because of it’s close proximity to Nashville it does get a good bit of pressure during the weekends, but there is enough room and fish to go around for everyone.  Be courteous and practice good stream etiquette and you’ll have a great time.  Week days and unfavorable weather conditions will keep the crowds to a minimum.

The Caney Fork is Tailwater fishery so always check the Generation Schedule before you go.

Click Here for TVA Generation Schedule and select Center Hill Dam from Lakes and Recreation on the right.

Suggested Flies

  • Zebra Midges
  • Tungsten Bead Head Pheasant Tails
  • Scuds
  • Sow Bugs
  • Gray Caddis
  • Streamers

Suggested Rods/Reels/Lines

9 foot 4,5,6 or 7 weight rods with matching reels and floating fly lines, unless throwing streamers, then use sinking fly lines

Fishing Regulations:
Please be sure to check current regulations if you are unfamiliar, many of our tailwaters have unique regulations.

Tennessee Fishing Regulations

Click here to purchase a Tennessee Fishing License

Center Hill Tailwater (Caney Fork River) Public Access Points

  1. Buffalo Valley Recreation Area, USCOE, paved parking area with ramp
  2. Long Branch Recreation Area, USCOE, paved parking area with ramp
  3. Pull-offs along 141, TDOT right-of-way, river access, no ramp
  4. Happy Hollow Access Area, TWRA, gravel parking area with ramp
  5. Betty’s Island Access Area, TWRA, gravel parking area, river access, no ramp
  6. Pull-off along Kirby Road at I-40, TDOT right-of-way, river access, no ramp
  7. Stonewall Bridge, TDOT right-of-way, river access, no ramp
  8. South Carthage Ramp, gravel parking, ramp

Click here for a TWRA map of Stocked Trout Waters

Click here for TWRA Boating and Fishing Access Sites

Getting There

Take Interstate 40 to exit 268, then south on Highway 96 to Center Hill Dam.  Buffalo Valley and Long Branch Recreation Areas are on opposite sides of the river just below Center Hill Dam.

Click here for local weather forcast

Below is a link to Google Maps with some general Caney Fork Access Points.

View Caney Fork Tailwater in a larger map
Click here for all old Caney Fork River Reports

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