Ok, so that didn’t work

Last friday Kris, Sean, and I decided to try a rumored spot behind the John Sevier power plant in Rogersville. Kris had heard that there were all sorts of stripers and carp that stacked up in the warm water discharge from the plant. The parking lot is located a good distance from where we were fishing and it was cold as balls, so we decided to walk down before wadering up.

It was only slightly disconcerning to see a sign by a holding pond which read “If contact with pond-water is possible or anticipated, contact plant saftey coordinator”. After the expected jokes, we pushed on to the river.

We startled a nice deer along the way, and what we could see as we approached looked promising. We returned to the car, suited up, rigged, and walked back.

I know I mentioned in my last post that it isn’t always about the catching fish, but in hindsight it would take some pretty solid info that the fish were in fact there (in all fairness, it was considerably warmer than the mainstream of the river, and it did look fishy as hell) to get me to go back again. Something like pictures of 20 stripers in one day…maybe.

My wading boots still smell Kris 🙂

I can’t say that we didn’t have fun, and this is the cabin-fever time of year. Any excuse to put-off the “Honey-do” list and go fishing with your buddies is all it takes. In 6 weeks or less we will be fishing pretty back in the park, or drifting the tailwaters. We have a steelhead trip coming up (more on that later), and I am sure that we will find another excuse to “stand in a river, waving a stick” before then.


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