Clinch river 11/15 and 11/16

Sorry for the late post, but go fish!

We floated on Monday on the upper river as TVA was generating almost all day.  picked up fish on red zebra midges and pheasant tails on deep nymph righs.  We also threw Kelly Galoup’s Articulated Sex Dungeon on a full sink line and caught a couple of browns and bows.  Great day!

I had some errands to do on Tuesday morning so I did not get on the water till around 11:00am.  However I did fish till dark.  Big surprise, but zebra midges did the trick.  There were a few sporadic caddis hatching, but I did not catch any on top.  Water was off most of the day so it was all wade fishing. 

It was two really great days of fishing.  Also the browns are starting to redd up.  Please respect them and do not harass them on the beds.  I know a lot of folks say that the spawning is not successful, but if you catch a fish that is on a redd, you run the chance of killing the fish as all of his energy is going to spawning.


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