Cold. Teeth cracking, bone numbing cold. And where, you might ask, was I? Right where I needed to be; standing in the middle of a stream with a couple of friends.

I think the air temperature was around 16 which seemed even colder with a foot of snow on the ground. But I was fishing and as we all know, fishing even in the harshest of conditions is a worthwhile endeavor.

I selected my rod with strong intent. An 8 foot 6 weight bamboo marvel that has been dubbed the grass cannon because of its power. This is one of those rods that feels like an extention of my hand. I feel at home when I use it, and after two months without a trip to the water, it just seemed like the right rod for the occasion.

I would love to say that I caught fish, but I didn’t. Probably came closer to catching pneumonia. But the day was beautiful and I was out in it. Sometimes that is enough.

So far this winter has proven to be one of significant snows and that means little fishing. I don’t see a window of opportunity for some time to come, so how do I satisfy the fishing jones?

Tying flies would be an option, but right now the tying area is blocked by construction downstairs. Haven’t tied anything in weeks. Of course, if you aren’t fishing, it is hard to get really motivated unless you are stocking up.

I have received a few catalogs in the mail and looked through them to the point that I know them by heart. I have “window shopped” so much that I think I have put together three or four entirely new setups for myself.

The one cool thing I have used to guide me through the fly fishing doldrums is a video called Eastern Rises. To sit in my chair and watch trophy sized wild rainbows fight over a mouse pattern is awesome. I don’t think the rest of my family would agree, but I have learned that most people in general don’t get it. I am okay with that. In fact I like the fact that one of my passions in misunderstood by the majority.


I will continue to watch the Eastern Rises, and try to plan a way to dig through to the tying bench. Midges are the fly of choice right now and I think I only have a dozen of each type. Overkill is not an option when the shack nasties come to call.


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