Holston River and Caddis Hatching

It has been hard to get on the water this year.  The addition of grad school to work has taken up much of my free time.  I have finished my first semester and it feels great.  So, I was really happy to get on the water and do some fishing with some good friends.  Because, Brad and I work together, we rarely get the opportunity to fish, but when we do it is a real treat.  Brad is a great person and is great to work with.  Jeremy also met up with us and I don’t think he had been able to fish much as he has a new photography business that is beginning to take off.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather of fishing conditions.  The temperature was in the high 70’s sunny with some cloud cover and a nice breeze.  To top it all off there was a small caddis hatch going on when we got on the water and the fish were rising.  There was a large tan caddis hatching and a smaller grey caddis.  The fish were willing to eat either one and as Brad found out they’d also eat a parachute adams also. 

We all caught some great fish, but the big fish of the day goes to Jeremy with this nich beauty!


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