#Now or Neverglades

I’m sure some of you have been following what is going on in the everglades.  I have never been to the everglades, but it is something that is on my bucket list.  I desperately want to go catch baby tarpon and snook.  I have been watching this unfold for the last couple years and what was very disheartening is now showing signs of a solution.  Many Companies and individuals from all walks are stepping up to help out.  I may not be very influential, but every voice helps.  Go to the Everglades Foundation for more information and to raise your hand.

If you don’t have a clue to what is going on watch the video below for a little back story.  This really helped me understand how the Everglades acts a giant filtration system along with other things.

Note the above video was from November 2016 and a lot of good things have now happened to work towards fixing these issues.  Next is a video that Dan Decibel and Orvis put together to help get things going in support of the new holding reservoir that has been proposed.

On April 5th, the Florida Senate Appropriations Committee approved revised Senate Bill 10, sponsored by Senator Rob Bradley (R-Fleming Island), which sets forth a science-based process to identifying land needed for the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) Reservoir.  Read more on Orvis blog

Perk Perkins, Orvis CEO has been really behind this issue.  Read his open letter here


This isn’t over yet as the bill has to have a full senate vote and there are some other proposed options.  But if you feel strongly on this you can still make your voice heard.

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Tell Florida’s leaders to support SB 10 to build the EAA Reservoir. Text the word “WATER” to 52886.
  • Visit the Orvis Commitment Everglades page to learn how Orvis will match your donation to help fund the important work of the Everglades Foundation.
  • Visit the Everglades Foundation to learn how you can get involved on the ground.
  • Sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration

Orvis Everglades Commitment

Everglades Foundation

Captains for Clean Water


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