The right guide can make or break your trip.  If you and your guide are not on the same page, then niether of you will have a good time.  So before booking a guide, make sure to do a little research on the area you want to fish, the type of fishing available and the different guides or outfitters in that area and what they offer.  The web is a great place to start and you should most defiantly get on each guides web page before you call them.  Think of it as if you are hiring someone to work for your company, you wouldn’t just hire any average joe to handle customer relations would you?  So, take some time to do a little preliminary research and both you and the guide will have a more enjoyable day.

Tips on Hiring a guide:

  1. Tell them what type of fishing you want to do (fly/spin/bait etc.)
  2. Tell them what type of water (lake, river) and style (boat, wade) you would prefer.
  3. Be honest and explain your experience level (this is very important and very beneficial that the guide knows ahead of time, because he can tailor the trip around your level, so that your not having to make 80 foot casts to cruising rainbow trout if you can’t throw but 30 feet) *Let me stress the honest part!!!!!! every guide I have ever spoken to has horror stories about clients talking up their skills when they really have none, don’t be that person.
  4. Tell the guide what type of gear you have and ask what you will need or if it is available for use (I personally don’t like guides that make you rent gear, having gear is a part of being a guide, I don’t like hidden costs, they should be up front about it)
  5. Let the guide know of any physical limitations you might have and if you have any dietary constraints.
  6. Finally, let them know what you would like to get out of the trip.  Are you just wanting to catch a bunch of fish, catch one big fish, learn how to stalk mountain trout or learn how to fish streamers etc.  (Most guides are also great teachers)

Guides from East Tennessee to West Tennessee      

Johnson City, TN (South Holston, Watagua, Ft. Pat Henry, etc.)
  • South Holston River Company
  • Brown Trout Fly Fishing
  • Mike Adams Fly Fishing Outfitters
  • High Country Anglers
  • East Tennessee Fly Fishing
  • Riverstone Fly Fishing
  • Asheville Drifters
  • Trophy Water Guide Service
  • Ti-state Angler
  • Altamont AnglersSmoky Mountain Gillies
Knoxville, TN (Smoky Mtns, Clinch and Holston River, etc.)
Nashville, TN (Caney Fork, Center Hill Lake, Duck, Elk, etc.)
Memphis, TN (Little Red, Arkansas Tailwaters, etc.)
  • Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures

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