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Utah Trip 2011

Okay, the west is cool too. The above video is from a little fishing I did out in Utah around the Altamont area. We stayed at Falcon’s Ledge Resort . There were twelve of us and we all split up and fished different rivers around the area. Which ran the gamut from freestone mountain streams such as Yellowstone Creek, to the Green River tailrace. The guides and accommodations at the lodge were amazing. Plus the food was off the charts, who knew you could actually make cauliflower taste good!

The first day I fished with Tye Krueger from Bend, OR and Kurt Fiegel from Bethesda, MD. Our guide was Bryan Eldredge who works for the lodge and also runs Utah Fly Guides. We hit up the near by Strawberry River which is a very short drive from the lodge. The Strawberry is not known for huge numbers of fish but for it’s huge brown trout. It requires a lot of stalking and percise casts. However if you do the work you can be rewarded by a really nice fish. The video above was shot on the Strawberry. I’ve also got to give Bryan a shout out as he really worked his butt off for the three of us.

The second day I got really lucky. Tye and I drew slots to float the Green River. If you have never heard of the Green, you should google search it. The river boasts upwards of 18,000 fish per mile. We fished with guide Gordon Tharett at Trout Creek Outfitters. Gordon was also an incredible guide. His guide resume includes Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Alaska, up-state New York and our very own South Holston River. We talked briefly about how great the Soho really is and how it is still fairly unknown. The Green was epic to say the least, I’m not going to bore you with numbers and sizes. Imagine what your best day on the water would be like with consistently good sized fish on dries with great company, food and an excellent oarsman.  That was our day times 2.  It definately ranks as one of the top ten days, I’ve ever had on the water.

Before my visit to Utah, if someone had asked me if I wanted to go fish there or Yellowstone National Park, I would have probably chosen the National Park.  Now on the other hand, after seeing the varieties of water that the area has to offer, plus not seeing any other anglers, with exception to the Green, it would be a tough choice.  There are some really beautiful areas and very few crowds, plus they have just about any type of fishing you would want to do.  Give the guys a south at Falcon’s Ledge, let them tell you what they have to offer and if you go be sure to catch a 5lb Tiger Trout from one of the Lodges still water trophy lakes for me.


Holston River and Caddis Hatching

It has been hard to get on the water this year.  The addition of grad school to work has taken up much of my free time.  I have finished my first semester and it feels great.  So, I was really happy to get on the water and do some fishing with some good friends.  Because, Brad and I work together, we rarely get the opportunity to fish, but when we do it is a real treat.  Brad is a great person and is great to work with.  Jeremy also met up with us and I don’t think he had been able to fish much as he has a new photography business that is beginning to take off.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather of fishing conditions.  The temperature was in the high 70’s sunny with some cloud cover and a nice breeze.  To top it all off there was a small caddis hatch going on when we got on the water and the fish were rising.  There was a large tan caddis hatching and a smaller grey caddis.  The fish were willing to eat either one and as Brad found out they’d also eat a parachute adams also. 

We all caught some great fish, but the big fish of the day goes to Jeremy with this nich beauty!


Spring Fishing Report Southeastern Style!




                                                                       Southeastern Style…

Hiwassee River Update…We have a great spring situation occurring on the river now. TVA is doing some work to the penstock in Apalachia Lake so we are getting a constant flow from the dam which is the equivalence of between one and two turbines. This should persist through April and is a perfect flow to fish the upper river from the powerhouse to Reliance and the middle section. We very rarely have these flows. I believe it has been about eight years since the last opportunity. What this means is we get to fish the upper and middle sections from the drift boats and that is where the best mayfly action occurs. We have Hendricksons with caddis mixed in turning to Sulphurs late April into May.

http://i686.photobucket.com/albums/vv230/woolly_bugger/jpeg1.jpg Bottom of the World Almost…Our Patagonia trip this past February was fantastic as always. The fishing is always epic, but what makes it so special are the people and the place. We have a great group go every year and this year’s group from across the country was no exception. Our Chilean hosts and local guides are some of the most hospitable on earth and the country is mysteriously enchanting with another stream or river around every corner.

Chile is home to some of the world’s best and least explored trout fishing. We continue to fish new water every year. Plans are already underway for our 2012 trip which happens to be the big hatch year for the Cantaria beetle; a fierce looking but harmless insect, up to 4.5 inches in length and a favorite meal for the rainbows and browns. Join us for the fun next year.

The Crystal Ball -Trout Fishing in the Southeastern U.S….Every year about this time people start asking, “How is the fishing going to be this year?” Well, one thing is for certain – every year is different. But based on our winter and early spring weather summary, we are set up for one of the best seasons in east Tennessee and north Georgia. We had a good cold winter with rain and snow which provided us a stable supply of cold water for our mountain trout streams and a cold water reserve in our reservoirs. We have had an extremely wet March which has given us quick lake fill in the TVA reservoirs. So, we should have good stable and predictable flows for spring into summer. Combine all of that with the fact that our trout went through minimal stress last summer and fall and it all adds up to some good rod bending in 2011.
Southeastern Anglers Update…We are celebrating our 12th year as the premier drift boat guide service in the Southeastern USA. We are proud to be able to say that we have been around for a while. It all equates to experience and knowledge on the water and a high quality experience for you, the angler. Take a moment and visit our new website www.southeasternanglers.com. We have added some new services and faces, all without increasing prices for 2011. One great new feature is our new PCI compliant credit card processing system. For only $15.00 per transaction you can be assured that your trip payment via MasterCard or Visa gives you full identity theft protection. The Fishing Reports tab will be updated weekly with “what’s going on.” You can follow us on FB, twitter, or as an RSS feed to stay in the know.

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Are we Old School!

Man, I recently had my computer crash.  I had everything on that machine. I was shifting through some you tube videos this evening and wouldn’t you know I found an old video of some buddies and myself. Boy do we look look young and it’s only been about four years. We fished a lot back then and fished hard. Not sure if I could hang today. Check out the vid and enjoy.