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Otter Box Rocks!

What is an Otter Box, you ask?

Really, I’ve got to give a shout out to one kick butt company.  In this day and age we all carry our cell phones every where we go.  If you’re like me you have to have the newest, fastest, sleekest mojo phone possible.  You know the one, that is the equivalent of a Nissan Versa car payment!

Did I mention that I also fish, ………. a lot……. Yeah, so I need a case that is going to actually protect my phone.  Whether I am bush whacking in Great Smoky Mountain National Park or floating the drift boat down the Clinch River.  I need to be sure that my phone is going to be protected.

So, for the last year I have been using the Otter Box with my iPhone.  The case has outperformed all of my expectations for a cell phone cover.  I’ve gotten it wet, dropped it more time than I can think and it has held up great.  I also always keep my phone in my pocket, as I hate those belt attached phone holders (Otter Box also has that option if you want).  The result is my phone picks up a lot of lint, but because the Otter Box covers all of the plug in points, I don’t have to worry about it getting dirty.  Now by no means is it a waterproof or drop proof case.  Nothing is, but if I wouldn’t of  had this case I would surely have had to replace my phone multiple times by now.

Let me also mention the great customer service.  The Otter Box is a hard plastic case with a removable silicone skin for added shock resistance.  So recently when my skin became a little stretched out and loose, I called customer service and told them about the problem.  Without even asking they sent me a new replacement skin for my case.  Wow!  Oh it gets even better, because they were in the process of updating some computer systems so my “free” case did not ship out promptly.  Guess what they did?  Yeah, they sent me a $10 e-gift card to use on my next purchase!  So, not only did I get a new skin for free, but I got 10 bucks.  That my friends is great customer service.  I almost feel bad for spending the 10 bucks.

So thank you Otter Box for making a great product and giving me first rate customer service!

Check them out for yourself and I also found a 10% off code:

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