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Holston River 3/28/2008

Good times with old friends. Eric, a good friend of myself’s and Doug’s who had recently moved to Texas for a new job, made it back in town to do some fishing. His wife who is still living in Knoxville, finishing up nursing school. Was gracious enough to let Eric get out and play. Thanks Baby!

So the plan was originally to float the Watauga, but TVA did not want to cooperate with our fishing plans and decided to change the generation schedule on us. Fortunately the Holston generation was favorable for fishing. It also just happened that two other friends of mine were planning on fishing the Holston that day as well. Eric, Doug and myself met up with Chad and Brad around 10am at the Cherokee dam boat launch.

As soon as we pulled into the parking lot you could see fish rising all the way down to the first set of riffles, which is quite a ways. Trust me cause I rowed it. The plan was to put the drift boat in and float slowly down to the first set of riffles to fish, then row back up stream to the boat ramp.

After a bit of trial and error we figured out the fish. They were rising to small cream midges and none of us had flies to match. The were dog d–k size gnats, as ole Timmy would say. However a size 20 black zebra midge dropped beneath a parachute adams did the trick.

We used the same rig all day and picked fish up consistently. Putting the boat in was a great idea, as it enabled us to cover all of the flat water very efficiently. I think we landed about 40 to 50 fish thoughout the day and were off the water by 4pm. Can’t ask for anything better than that.


Holston River

Sunday brought a nice south breeze and correspondingly warm weather. It was sunny and temps reached the upper 60’s.

Sean and I headed to the Holston River to “research” water for his new position with River Ridge Lodge.

We hit a riffle near Tampico that is among the most scenic I have ever seen on Holston. We tried our hand at nymphing. Sean caught one or two, but I couldn’t ignore the plethora of midges flying about, laying on the water, and enticing trout to the surface.

I tied on a Griffiths Gnat with a thread/cdc midge dropper and began to work the fish. I farmed a couple before hooking and landing my first rainbow of the day.

Sean took over for me while I tried to shoot some video. I got some great footage of Sean missing a great brown trout for posterity.

After a while Sean went back to nymphing his previous hole. I returned to my rising fish. I saw a rise and set the hook. I had a fish on and immediately heard Sean shout “Double”.

I quickly netted my fish (which was side-hooked – hey it was on a size 20, I was slow alright!)
and ran over to help Sean. His was bigger, in the mouth, and a nice holdover Brownie to boot.

I know mine was dry-fly gaffed, but it was nice to spend a Sunday afternoon in the sun, with tight lines and a good friend.


Holston River 1/13/08

So Doug and I had a plan to fish the Caney Fork, and get up really early so we could make the long drive. Unfortunately it didn’t happen as planned. We both apparently slept through our alarm clocks. I know that shouldn’t be an excuse, but oh well. Since we ruined the possiblity of doing a long day trip, we thought we’d salvage it with a short trip up to Nance’s Ferry on the Holston.

We got on the river about 1pm and fished the closest riffle to the boat ramp. We immedeately started catching fish on nymph rigs. I think the fly of choice ended up being a black zebra midge under a bead head soft hackle pheasant tail. We worked our way up to the top run catching fish the whole way up. Doug pulled some nicer fish out of the heavy water. We then focused our attention on some risers and picked off a few with dry dropper rigs.

We were off the river by 4pm and I think we landed at least 30 fish between the two of us. A bonus was the when the sun came out and turned a gloomy January day into a great day to be out on the river with a good friend.