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Winter is here!

Wow! winter is officially here. We are in full swing at the shop (Orvis Sevierville) for fourth quarter madness. There has been little time to fish, but I thought I would quickly post some easy non-tailwater fisheries that are viable winter options withing a quick drive from the shop. So here we go.

Paint Creek
First let’s start with directions: Directions to Paint Creek

Paint Creek is a fun little stream to fish in the winter. It is located in the northern portion of Cherokee National forest and is stocked on a regular basis. In Spring/Summer/Fall there are quite a few campers and fisherman on the stream. However in the winter it is left to mainly locals and guys that are serious about fishing. I really like to hit it when it is really cold and we have a little snow on the ground as the stream is absolutely gorgeous during these times.

Another great thing about Paint Creek in the winter is that it is all Catch and Release fishing and is managed as a Delayed harvest area!  So there are goods numbers of trout to chase.  It is also a great place to take a beginner.  Link to TWRA Regulations.

Here is a link to an old post: Paint Creek Post

Gatlinburg, TN

Another overlooked area to fish this time of year is the Gatlinburg stocked fishing areas.  This is also managed as a delayed harvest area in the winter and is greatly overlooked.  You will have to fish in the midst of traffic and people, but after the first of the year all of this is gone for the most part and you can have some really fun fishing.  TWRA regulations.

Directions to Gatlinburg, TN

Some of my favorite flies for this time of year include Pheasant Tails and Prince Nymphs, the all popular Glo Bugs and San Juan worms, plus some Woolly Buggers.  If the water is really cold I like to fish with indicators, but when the water is warmer they will also hit flies on the swing as well as an occasional dry fly.  (PS, we did pick up the beer box in the photo and no it wasn’t ours, whiskey is much more effective when it’s cold!)

Hopefully, everyone is finding some time to get out this holiday season and remember it is also a great time to take family out on the stream and introduce new blood to our sport.

Tightlines and Happy Holidays!


South Holston and Clinch March 16 thru 19, 2010

My best friend Wade came into to town for a few days to do some East Tennessee fly fishing. He had been working a bunch and really needed a break. We really lucked out with some great weather and excellent fishing. Also another buddy joined us for a couple of days from Indiana. It’s great getting on the water and sharing old stories all over again.

Wade and I have a really bad habit of planning fishing trips too early in the year and having to fight blizzards, tornado’s and severe thunderstorms. Just name it and I’m sure it has ruined at least one of our past fishing trips. The fishing gods must have been watching over us this trip as the weather got better and better.

Day one and two we headed up to the South Holston. The blue wings and black flies had been hatching in abundance. We got up early, ran into traffic, but made it on the water by 10:00am. Nymph fishing started the day off until the dry fly fishing got good and we switched to a blue wing with a black fly dropper.

We stayed at Holston Castaways, which gave us access to some great wade fishing water. Check out their website at Holston Castaways. They are great people and have really fair prices and perfect fisherman accommodations. Also on the second day we stopped in at Webb’s Market for some Breakfast/Lunch. We fished too long in the morning so all they had left was a little bit of biscuits and gravy, so we finished it off with their famous slaw dogs!

Day three and four we headed back to Knoxville to do a little fishing on the Clinch. I have been fishing the Clinch a bunch the last year and wanted to show it off to my friends. The fishing started off slow, but we eventually figured it out.

Small pheasant tails and zebra midges were on the menu. We saw a few sulphurs on the water, but not many. There were a good bit of midges hatching in the afternoon. However I couldn’t get them to eat the same midges we used on the Soho, but a size 22 zebra below a dry would get an eat.

Day two we opted to do some wade fishing instead of drifting. We started at the church early until the water rose and pushed us off the water. For lunch we stopped at Harrison’s off of the exit and were surprised to find some great wings and good beer on tap!

At the end of day four we all convened on the hill at Miller’s island still reminiscing about past fishing trips and stories when we were a little wilder or do I mean dumber. Either way we survived it all and hopefully there will be many more to come.


Clinch Repeat

Generation is getting better and better every day. Mother nature also decided to ease up a bit on the weather. It ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. The original plan had been to float with a buddy, but that changed. He works nights and got in very late so it didn’t work out. I guess I won’t hold it against him this time. So instead I ended up driving around, looking at some new spots and hanging out at CROutfitters until the water dropped out enough to wade fish. Cal just started carrying Simms waders plus he got in a bunch of other stuff, it’s worth the stop. I like his shop a lot and he’s also got some great stories to boot.

The fishing was pretty good and the fish were all super healthy. I didn’t catch anything that big, but they were all great fish that pulled really hard. I’ve got my fingers crossed. This year could be the year to be on the Clinch.