Fly Tyers Weekend 11/7 to 11/8/15

FTW-Logo-2015Welcome to Fly Tyers Weekend in Townsend, Tennessee. This year’s event will be held November 7th & 8th, 2015 at Tremont Lodge & Resort. This event is brought to you by the Southeastern Council of the International Fly Fishing Federation (SECFFF), Tremont Lodge and Little River Outfitters.

There will be two days of FREE fly tying demonstrations, held in the lodge’s conference center. As many as 24 fly tyers will be demonstrating at one time, throughout both days. All total, so far, we have 46 fly tyers, some of the best in the Southeast, volunteering their time to help you learn more about fly tying and fly fishing.

Additionally, SECFFF will be holding fly tying classes where you can learn new skills and techniques. You can reserve your spot in these classes online.

There will be a showing of the International Fly Fishing Film Festival. There will be a BBQ dinner and beer available at the film showing.

Profit from this event will be donated to the Fly Fishing Museum of the Southern Appalachians.

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Fly Fishing the Clinch River

May 2nd on a Pheasant Tail Nymph
May 2nd on a Pheasant Tail Nymph

Looking back at a few old fishing reports it is evident that May and June is when I have experienced some very good and consistent fishing on the Clinch River. However in years past we have had some very high spring water levels to deal with which has limited the fishing. So far this TVA has been giving us better flows earlier than I have seen in a quite some time. We have already heard of some lower river Sulphur hatches around the Hwy 61 bridge.

On a recent Sunday trip with the wife and dog, although I was not seriously fishing, I did manage some quality fish in a short amount of time. I believe that this action will only get better as we move into June.

At the shop many people come in and say that they have difficulty fishing the Clinch or do not know what to do. I’ll attempt to simplify it here. First a quick disclaimer, that I am not a guide nor do I get to fish as much as I used to, so the below tips are just a collaboration of my observations over the last 10 years.

Sulphur Mayfly

The Bugs: Their are really only two main bugs to worry about on the Clinch in my opinion. The first and most prevalent are midges and the second is the Sulphur. Midges are typically very small in size (20-22), but will be very prevalent at times. The zebra midge is the most common pattern to mimic this food source. When the Sulphurs are active, the fishing will be at it’s peak. The Sulphur is a larger mayfly in size 14 to 18. Pheasant Tail nymphs and Sulphur dry fly patterns are the typical flies to match this bug.

The River: The Clinch River is a tail-water below Norris Lake and Dam. It is a TVA controlled impoundment. The dam is managed for hydro-electric power, flood control and downstream barge traffic. With that in mind the angler on the Clinch River must be ready for anything. TVA does post their “predicted” flows on their website however this can change at a last minutes notice. When TVA turns on the turbines or releases water for generation it can rise rapidly and it is advised that anglers exit the water during the generation. In general there are no wade fishing opportunities once the generation has started.

Clinch River Brown Trout

The Fish: Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout are the two most prevalent species in the tail-water section. Although the river does hold large Striped Bass and I have heard of an occasional walleye being caught by accident. TWRA does stock both rainbow and brown trout on a yearly basis however there are opinions that some wild reproduction does take place as well. You will typically catch a mixed bag of both freshly stocked fish and hold over fish that will put up a great fight.

The Gear: My friends and I will fish the Clinch with either a nymph/dry fly rod or a streamer fly rod. Here I will only get into the nymph/dry fly rod as talking about streamer fishing is much more advanced and would take much longer and I said I was going to simplify this. The most common fly rod to use will be an 8’6″ to 9′ 4weight or 5weight fly rod. I would always put on a fly reel with a smooth adjustable drag and load the reel with the appropriate weight forward fly line. The water is very clear and the fish are very wise so we always fish a long leader 9ft plus in 4X to 5X and then add fluorocarbon tippet in 5X and 6X to our flies. If I use a strike indicator I will keep it as small as possible so as to not spook the fish. You will also want waders and good wading boots because the water is frigid year round.

leadertippetThe Fishing: When we fish for the day I will typically first check the generation schedule to ensure that we will have some wade fishing opportunities.  You can get an idea of what TVA has been doing over the course of the last couple days by keeping an eye on the generation schedule.  Also note that during May thru October TVA has an advised recreation schedule posted on the generation page, which will give you an idea on the weekend predicted flows.  We will typically rig our rods with one small indicator and down to 6X fluorocarbon tippet for the early morning midge bite, then as the day progresses we will switch over to the Pheasant Tail nymphs.  If we are lucky enough to be there during a Sulphur hatch we may fish a dry fly with a Pheasant Tail dropper.  When you are fishing try to be stealthy and focus on the moving water and seams around drop offs, ledges or any other underwater structure.  The fish will use this as a current break when they are feeding.  Focus on getting a drag free drift and explore different areas and sections of the river.

Rainbow Trout on Clinch RiverThe Regulations: The Clinch River is managed by TWRA as a Special Trout Regulation Zone.  From Norris Dam downstream to Hwy 61 bridge, including tributaries; All trout 14 to 20 inches must be released unharmed.  You are allowed to keep up to 7 fish, however only 1 fish can be over 20 inches in length.  This regulation helps to maintain a healthy catchable size fish.

Stream Etiquette: Many different types of people recreate on the Clinch River.  You will find both fly fishermen and spin fishermen.  There are fly fishing guides that float the river as well as recreational paddlers and kayakers.  Some folks will fish upstream while others will fish downstream.  The point is that everyone is out to enjoy the river and common courtesy should be practiced at all times.  There is ample amount of river and fish for everyone, so spread out find your own area to fish and have a good time.  Be sure to offer up a warm smile and wave for everyone that is out and enjoying the water.  Be safe and have fun!








facebookmailfacebookmail Weekend Where-to?

IMG_0706We know that this time of year is very busy for most folks and it is very hard to work in fishing. So we thought we would list a couple places that can be accessed as a spur of the moment trip, just in case you get the wild hair.

Weather across the state for the weekend looks great: Mid 50’s to low 60’s for a high and low 40’s to mid 30’s for a low.

Here is a link to check the TVA Dam Generation to see if there are any good tail-water rivers that will be favorable for the weekend.  Below are two links to USGS Stream Flow report for the Little Pigeon and Little River Water Sheds.

Little Pigeon River at Sevierville, TN

Little River above Townsend, TN

So Where to fish?

FTW2014-LOGOThere is a really cool event going on in Townsend, TN this weekend, that may sway where you are going to go.  It is the Fly Tyer’s Weekend hosted by Little River Outfitters.  There will be some great fly tyer’s on site both Saturday and Sunday.  I think a fishing short fishing trip and a visit to this event would be a blast!

Also, a good fishing trip would not be complete without some great grub.  I would suggest the Firefly Café in Townsend, TN.

If you do decide to hit the mountains I would suggest focusing on the bigger pools and longer runs, try some larger stone fly nymphs.  There are still a bunch of leaves in the river, which will make fishing somewhat challenging.

As far as the tail-water fishing goes it looks like the Clinch and Caney Fork will be running a bunch of water, however the Holston below Cherokee dam, Watauga and South Holston all look promising.  Make sure to check the generation regularly, because it can always change.  I would focus on some small midges, pheasant tails and egg patters right now in the tail-waters.

Also, right now Brown and Brook Trout are spawning, the only closed stream due to spawning are on two different sections of the South Holston, other than that you can fish for them.  With that being said, please be respectful of these fish and take extra care in handling and releasing them.  Thanks for reading and Tightlines!!!

Feel free to share or repost, Thanks!



Fly Fishing Hacks

So I’ve been seeing all of these short videos and images out there on “Life Hacks”.  Some of this stuff is super simple and others are just plain silly.  I mean how many uses are there for a used toilet paper roll?  And, even if it is a good use, do I really want to be touch a bunch of used toilet paper rolls?  I think not.  I ran across this video on the new Orvis video site called “The Tug” .

The video is a how-to-video on making DIY Tippet Spool Tenders by Tightline Productions.  I will be making some of these!

DIY Spool Tenders from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.



Little River Outfitters Fly Tyers Weekend

Title: Little River Outfitters Fly Tyers Weekend
Location: Tremont Lodge and Resort, Townsend Tennessee
Link out: Click here
Description: Fly Tyer’s Weekend is free. There is no admission charge. It will be held indoors at the Tremont Event Center. You don’t have to stay at the lodge. You may stay at home. Or, you may stay somewhere else. We just want you to be here and enjoy our event. Of course we would like for you to stay at the lodge and support one of the partners.


Hopefully you will also shop at Little River Outfitters while you are in town. Our 700 square foot fly tying department will be stocked like you have never seen it before. We know, fly tyers are coming to town.
Start Date: 2014-11-08
Start Time: 09:00
End Date: 2014-11-09
End Time: 15:00


Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Meeting

Title: Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited Meeting
Location: Meeting we will be meeting in the Fellowship Hall at the Monte Vista Baptist Church. The meeting will start at 7:00pm. Address: 1735 Old Niles Ferry Rd, Maryville, TN 37803
Link out: Click here
Description: Back by popular demand, Local Fly tyers and Guides will be tying their favorite flies at the December 4th meeting. Come to the meeting to learn more about their favorite flies and where and how to fish them. There also be a swap meet driung the fly tying session. so bring your extra grear to sale or trade. Also before the tying demo, we will have a short business meeting that will include the election of the 2015 Officers / Board of Directors.
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2014-12-04
End Time: 19:00


PostFly Box Subscription Service

I was playing on Facebook the other day and came across PostFly Box ( As a subscriber to a similar service for spin fishing (I could almost hear the gasp with the mention of spin fishing), I thought I would give it a try. The first month is only $5 per “box” with varying prices depending on subscription length.

PostFly box offers three different kinds of fly boxes:

Trout with 12-18 different flies per box

Bass with 5-8 different flies per box

Saltwater with 5-8 different flies per box

I subscribed for both trout and bass. I thought for $10 ($5 each type of box) I could at least give it a try. When my first package arrived, I opened it up with excitement and starting tearing into each one since I had no idea what flies came with it. It was fun having no clue what to expect and having the opportunity to learn new flies.

My impressions:

I loved the bass box. It was full of practical flies that should put those smallies in the boat. The first package contained 7 flies while the second one had 6. They were well made and I feel confident that these flies will hold up against the many aggressive strikes and fights that we have come to love from the smallmouths (I don’t do a ton of largemouth fly fishing).

The trout box I’m undecided on. The flies were plentiful and well made. My only problem with the box is that the river I mainly trout fish in, the trout seem to like the smaller stuff. There were a good assortment of sizes in the box but I felt roughly 50% of the box would be used very little FOR ME. If the river(s) you frequent likes bigger flies than the Clinch, then I would have zero hesitation with this box.

If you are looking to stock up on your flies very easily and affordably, then I HIGHLY recommend this service. Try it for yourself at $5 and if you don’t like it, you can cancel easily on their website ( No pressure at all.




Korkers Customer Service

About a year ago, I decided to fork over a chunk of change and purchase the Korkers KGB (Korkers Guide Boot). After the first use, I quickly realized that I was in love. I purchased an additional set of soles and would use the studded rubber for tailwaters, the vibram rubber for when I was on my Towee, and finally the felt when fishing the Smokies. After some use, I cracked one of the soles. I called up customer service, who in turn called a local fly shop and when I arrived there they just handed me the new soles. I thought that was pretty cool that I had new soles the day I broke them.

A month later, I realized the knob that holds the soles on the back of the boot was breaking! I quickly called up customer service and they shared my concern that the boots were already breaking. I was told that they had limited sizes left of the KGB, but they thought they could dig up a size 12 for me to replace my current size 12. I was also instructed that if I was interested in a different model altogether, I could exchange the KGBs for whatever model I wanted. I once again headed to a local fly shop and tried on the Korkers Whitehorse. I liked the way they felt, but there was one problem…I needed a size 13.

I called customer service again and told them that while I liked the Whitehorse, I would need a size 13 so it would make more sense to just send me the size 12 KGBs since I had already purchased different size 12 soles. This is where the service starts shining.

My box arrived from Korkers with not only size 13 Whitehorse boots, but all new soles in size 13. That was something that did not have to be done. I would recommend Korkers boots to anyone that wants versatility in a wading boot without actually owing multiple pairs.




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