Smoky Mountains

Smoky Mountains

Links to Specific Drainage Page

  • Abrams Creek
  • Middle Prong of Little River (Tremont)
  • Little River
  • West Prong of Little Pigeon
  • Middle Prong of Little Pigeon (Greenbrier)
  • Cosby Creek
  • Big Creek
  • Cataloochee Creek
  • Raven Fork
  • Oconoluftee and Bradley Fork
  • Deep Creek
  • Noland Creek
  • Forney Creek
  • Hazel Creek
  • Eagle Creek
  • Twenty Mile

Great Smoky Mountain National Park is a true gem.  There are over 800 miles of wild trout streams inside the borders of the park.  These waters are inhabited by brook, rainbow and brown trout.  The Brook Trout are native to the smokies and can be found in streams above 3000 feet of elevation.  The rainbow and brown trout have not been stocked since the early seventies.  The  brown trout have done exceptionally well in the smokies and there are some bruisers above twenty inches, that roam the park waters.  There is a lot of history surrounding the Smoky Mountains and it is truely a fascinating place to fish and something every fly fisherman should experience.

Smoky Mountain National Park Hatch Chart

  • January:  Blue Wing Olive, Little Black Stone, Midges, Stone Fly Nymphs and Mayfly Nymphs
  • Feburary:  Blue Wing Olive, Little Black Stone, Midges, Stone Fly Nymphs and Mayfly Nymphs
  • March:  Blue Wing Olive, Quill Gordon, Blue Quill, Black Stone, Brown Stone, Tan Caddis, Hendrickson
  • April:  Hendrickson, Quill Gordon, Blue Quill, Brown Stone, March Brown, Yellow Stone Fly, Light Cahill
  • May:  Yellow Stone Fly, March Brown, Light Cahill, Sulphur, Green Drake
  • June:  Light Cahill, Yellow Stone Fly, Sulphur, Little Green Stone Fly, Tan Caddis
  • July:  Light Cahill, Sulphur, Yellow Stone Fly, Terrestrials
  • August:  Terrestrials, Light Cahill, Sulphur
  • September: Terrestrials, Light Cahill, Sulphur
  • October:  Sulphur, October Caddis, Blue Wing Olive, Midges
  • November:  Blue Wing Olive, Stone Fly Nymphs and Mayfly Nymphs
  • December:  Blue Wing Olive, Little Black Stone, Midges

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