Welcome to the Tailwater page.  Tennessee Tailwater fishing can be world class, however you need to learn how to respect the water and the dams.  As well as understand a little bit about how the generation will effect wading and boating opportunities for the areas you plan to fish. The best bet is to always play it safe than sorry.  Any of the Dams can let out a torrent of water at a moments notice so caution and safety should always be your first priority. Below you will find a simple map out-lining the locations of all of our amazing tailwater fisheries.  There is truly something for everyone.  Below that is a basic stocking schedule from TWRA and finally links to TVA generations schedules.  Also be sure to check out each waters’ specific page for more information on access points and angling tips.  Here is a great article on the TVA site titled Trout Fishing the TVA Tailwaters

Tennessee Tailwaters

As you can see there are plenty of tailwater fishing opportunities across the state.  The best and most consistent fishing can typically be found on the Duck, Caney Fork, Clinch, Watauga and South Holston Rivers.  You will find the most amount of guide services and fly shops that service these waters.  However the lesser known rivers can also be amazing at times and are worth some exploration.  Here is another article by TVA about trout fishing titled The Tug is the Drug

TWRA Stocking Schedule

Most tailwaters are stocked throughout the year. In addition, most of our tailwaters hold trout year-round, so fishing is good anytime. Trout fishing in the tailwaters below marked with an * are only good during the stocked periods due to warm water temperatures at other times of the year.

Stocking Schedule

Links to TVA Generation Schedule

Click on WWW.TVA.GOV to navigate to the TVA home page, then select Lakes & Recreation on the right and finally use the drop down menu to select the dam you are searching generation for.  Below is a key that corresponds the dam to it’s downstream tailwater river.

  • Elk River/Tims Ford Dam
  • Duck River/Normandy Dam
  • Caney Fork River/Center Hill Dam
  • Stones River/J. Percy Priest Dam
  • Obey River/Dale Hollow Dam
  • Hiwassee River/Appalachain Dam
  • Ocoee River/Ocoee Dam #1 Parksville
  • Clinch River/Norris Dam
  • South Holston River/South Holston Dam
  • Watauga River/Wilbur Dam
  • Wilbur Reservoir/Watauga Dam
  • Holston River/Cherokee Dam
  • South Holston River/Fort Patrick Henry Dam

Below is a link to Google Maps and pin points the general location of all of our Tennessee Tailwaters.

View Tennessee Tailwaters in a larger map

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